Buttercream Chocolate Hydrangea Cupcakes with dove accents.  Photo credit:  Taken by Grace and Glory Photography

Buttercream Chocolate Hydrangea Cupcakes with dove accents.  Photo credit:  Taken by Grace and Glory Photography


 Customize Your Flavors or Choose from Our Signature Cakes (below)

Vanilla-Almond:  Moist and delicious white Vanilla Cake with a hint of almond.  (DF, GF, SF, EF Available)

Signature Chocolate:  Made with the highest quality Cacao Rouge by Guittard, a free-trade company.

Marble:  Swirls of our Vanilla-Almond and Signature Chocolate Cake in one!

Red Velvet:  Our traditional recipe is moist and delicious with a bright red hue and high quality Cacao Rouge by Guittard, a free-trade company.

Banana:  This light and fluffy cake is made with real Bananas and real butter.

Key Lime:  Delicately flavored with a real Key Lime Glaze.

White Chocolate:  High-quality White Chocolate is folded into our cake batter for a delicious flavor.

Coconut:  Moist and delicious white cake flavored with Coconut extract.


Icings:  Choose from Flavored American or European Buttercream, Cream Cheese Icing, Chocolate Icing, Ganache, Satin Ice Rolled Fondant or Rolled Chocolate.


Fillings:  Buttercream Fillings -  (Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Cream Cheese, Oreo Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Brown Sugar, Baklava Buttercream (with walnuts), Snickerdoodle Buttercream, Guiness Buttercream (add 25 cents per serving), Vegan Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream (add 25 cents per serving). 

Custard & Ganache Fillings - (Vanilla Custard, Pina Colada Custard, White Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Ganache).  

Mousse Fillings - Banana Mousse, Peanut Butter Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Espresso Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, Raspberry Mousse.  

Fruit Fillings - Raspberry, Strawberry or Lemon Curd.


Signature 3-Layer Cakes

Hummingbird Cake:  This traditional Southern favorite is a lightly spiced Banana-Pineapple Cake made with Walnuts and filled and frosted with Cream Cheese Icing. Decorated with a tropical Buttercream Hibiscus flower.  8" $35, 6" $24.50

Sea Shore:  White Chocolate Cake is tinted ombre blue and layered with White Chocolate Mousse.  We ice it with Salted Caramel Buttercream topped with Caramel.  Decorated with White Chocolate Seashells.  8" $45, 6" $28

Oreo Cookies and Cream:  Our Signature Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Layers are filled with Oreo Buttercream and  garnished with Oreos. 8" $35, 6"$24.50

Chocolate Onyx: Made with Guittard Fair Trade Chocolate, this masterpiece is three layers of rich Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Ganache, iced with Chocolate Mousse and decorated with chocolate shards. 8" $45, 6" $28

Dirty Banana Cake: Moist Banana Cake is layered with our Signature Chocolate Cake, filled with Banana Mousse and iced with Guittard Chocolate Icing.  Garnished with Chocolate "Dirt" Crumbs.  8" $35, 6" $24.50

Chocolate Bumpy Cake: Our Signature Chocolate Cake is layered and topped  with fluffy American Buttercream "Bumps" and drenched in Chocolate Ganache.  8" $35, 6" $24.50

Raspberry Tuxedo: Our Signature Chocolate and White Chocolate Cake Layers are filled with Raspberry Mousse and iced with Guittard Chocolate Icing. Garnished with fresh Raspberries and chocolate shards.  8" $45, 6" $28

Specialty Signature Cakes

Lemon Chiffon:  This Bundt-style cake is delicate and fluffy with a natural Lemon flavor.  We glaze it while it's still warm and then top it with fresh fruit.  9" $28

Carrot:  Lightly spiced, two-layer carrot cake is filled and frosted with Cream Cheese Icing and Garnished with walnuts. 8" $35, 6" $24.50

Rainbow Cake:  7 layers of moist vanilla cake tinted every color of the Rainbow really gives this cake the wow factor.  Filled and frosted with fluffy American Buttercream and garnished with yummy Rainbow Sprinkles!  8" $45, 6" $28


WE DELIVER!  Our cakes make a beautiful gift.  Add a silk or satin bow for only $2.99!

Seasonal Flavors Available

Please specify if you would like Gluten-Free (GF), Dairy Free (DF), Sugar Free (SF), Eggless or Vegan.  Additional fees may apply.